The LlamaServer Old Map Browser

The LlamaServer used to have lots and lots of maps on it that people had uploaded, until a nasty error in June 2010 resulted in most of them being deleted. However I still have the original list (just not the maps themselves), which you can see below. The download links should all still work too. So you may find this list very helpful when browsing to choose a map. Once you've chosen a map, check whether the LlamaServer still has it (main Map and Mod Browser). If not, please re-upload it!


Note that the maps all have preview images, but they can take quite a while to load.

56 land + 13 sea.
No fixed starts.
Download link

A Dom2 map by Gremour updated for Dom3 by Sombre. This map contains 69 provinces 13 of which are underwater. Best for 3-5 players. I suggest avoiding random races since there is realistically only room for one water player.

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