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Note that the maps all have preview images, but they can take quite a while to load.

129 land + 17 sea.
No fixed starts.

Standard Peliwyr 6-10 player map the game comes with

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General mods

Note that there are more mods than I've listed here. These are just the ones I thought well-suited for MP games. Check out Sombre's Mod List on the Shrapnel forums for a much more complete listing.

Available mods
Version 1.41
Download link

This is the well known balance mod by quantum_mechani, which seeks to greatly increase the diversity of useful options in the game. This complete version makes many changes to pretenders, scales, summons, spells and units, and also includes Worthy Heroes 1.8.

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Nation mods

It is worth noting that this list of mod nations is very far from complete, and consists simply of those mods I personally feel are well balanced for MP. You should check out Sombre's Mod List to see many, many more awesome and well-made nations.

Available nation mods
Version 1.03
Download link

Creates a nation consisting of an undead desert civilization, with an Egyptian theme. Loosely inspired by Games Workshop\'s Tomb Kings race for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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