Game: WorthyNoobs
Turn number 28
Next turn due: 13:57 GMT on Saturday February 24th

Default MP Rules :
1.) No pre-game alliances, outside of disciple games.
2.) Trades are binding. If you agree to send someone 200 gold for an item, do so.
3.) No other diplomatic agreements are binding. Backstabbing someone and violating a non-aggression pact is allowed. Paying someone 200 gold for a peace agreement does not transform it into a binding trade agreement.
4.) Take your turns. If you need to quit and are in a decent position, ask for a sub. If you are in a bad position, go AI after checking with the admin.
5.) If you need time due to a temporary inconvenience, ask the admin for an extension. Everyone misses a turn now and then, but try not to let it affect other players too much.
6.) Fighting someone to the last man is cool, even if it results in another player winning. Gifting your thrones to one player so that they win rather than someone else is throwing the game, and it is not cool.
7.) Limit the amount of games you join. The first few turns go by fast, but they start to pile up as you start to have to think about your opponents. The usual rule of thumb is 2-5 games.

Victory Conditions:
Thrones (6 Level 1; 2 Level 2; 0 Level 3)
Throne Points to Win: 7/10

Other Settings:
Magic Sites - Default
Score Graphs - Disabled
Random Events - Common
Story Events - Minor
Research - Default
Independent Strength - Default
Money - Default
Resources - Default
Supplies - Default
Re-naming - On
Hall Of Fame - 15

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