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Game: WeThePeopleRedo
Turn number 62
Next turn due: 20:26 GMT on Tuesday December 12th

30 player all nations steam game!
Steam page:


5 Eliminated
4 Turned ai
21 Still active

PsiSoldier : Nazca
Raiju : Ulm
TheGrandWazoot : Ys
Crazybaboon : Bandar Log
SiegeTank : Tien Chi
vini.jc : Agartha : Eliminated
Kwisatz Haderach: Ashdod
Orc Ward : Caelum
Floogo : Sceleria : ai
Sushiman : Pangaea
ThemQuekz : Mictlan
MapelHoof : Vanarus
♥♥♥♥♥♥Holster : Pelagia
BassiOh : Arcoscephale
MixedBeer : Jotunheim : ai
HardsHard : R'lyeh
LaboratoryTester : Abysia
CalLord : Pythium : Eliminated
Nunnulus : Ermor
Oikawa : Vanhiem
Darkdaze : Eriu : Eliminated
Ulizez89 : Marignon
Cael Immortal : Shinuyama : Eliminated
Lord Hubris : Machaka : Eliminated
WayWinkle : Xibalba.
LordArticus : Ctis. : ai
ProtoKevin : Oceania
Vanguard : Asphodel : ai
Camysada : Man
Kalavon : Atlantis

Abysia     2h file received
Atlantis     2h file received
Bandar Log     Waiting for 2h file
Caelum     Waiting for 2h file
Ermor     Waiting for 2h file
Ashdod     Waiting for 2h file
Man     2h file received
Marignon     Waiting for 2h file
Nazca     2h file received
Oceania     2h file received
Pangaea     Waiting for 2h file
R'lyeh     Waiting for 2h file
T'ien Ch'i     2h file received
Ulm     2h file received
Vanheim     Waiting for 2h file
Ys     Waiting for 2h file

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