Game: TheWheelHasTurnedOnceAgain
Turn number 21
Next turn due: 14:22 GMT on Tuesday April 25th

This is a roleplaying heavy game, and as such, all in game messages must be conducted IN CHARACTER! Whether this means RPing as your god, your prophet, a council of nobles, it doesn't matter, so long as it is in character. Outside of the game you can post however you wish, of course. Humorous roleplaying is definitely allowed, but try to keep a middle ground between LOLRANDUMB and trenchcoat edgelord.

Map link:
Better Arena:

In order for Summod+ME to work, you must have Summod and ME separate in your mod folder, and the Summod+ME .dm in your mod folder. When loading the mod, it will tell you that there are errors, but I am told that these are irrelevant.

Agartha     2h file received
Man     2h file received
C'tis     2h file received
Jomon     Waiting for 2h file
Pythium     2h file received
Ragha     2h file received
Bogarus     2h file received
Ulm     2h file received
Utgard     2h file received

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