Game: SmokeFree2
Turn number 36
Next turn due: 06:44 GMT on Tuesday June 27th

Abysia - Wave
Fomoria - Bro
Kailasa - Meaglin
Lanka - Cerean
Marverni - Nurgle
Sauromatia - pbiecub/Cident
T'ien Ch'i - Yetsie
Yomi - Jude
Ulm - Spaerk
Vanheim - EliteZeon

Abysia     2h file received
Fomoria     2h file received
Kailasa     Waiting for 2h file
Lanka     2h file received
Marverni     2h file received
Sauromatia     2h file received
Ulm     2h file received
Vanheim     Waiting for 2h file
Yomi     2h file received

Last updated at 13:57 GMT on Monday June 26th
Current time: 13:57 GMT

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