Game: RufflesQueso
Turn number 16
Next turn due: 12:09 GMT on Thursday January 25th

feel free to either post your email on Steam so that folks can message you, or email me privately and I can make a master list with everyone's email, which I will then send out. That way chat can happen outside of the game's slow turn mechanic.

Abysia     Waiting for 2h file
Agartha     Waiting for 2h file
Arcoscephale     Waiting for 2h file
Helheim     Waiting for 2h file
Mictlan     Waiting for 2h file
Pangaea     Waiting for 2h file
Sauromatia     Waiting for 2h file
T'ien Ch'i     Waiting for 2h file
Tir na n'Og     Waiting for 2h file
Ulm     2h file received

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