Game: RedditGen1
Turn number 87
Next turn due: 01:55 GMT on Monday May 29th

Astarwulf-Mai'tis, Coven Zenith
horrifyingthought-Lumundi, Crusade of the Sixth Forge
alphawolf29-Cihutlan, Splendor of the Upper Sea
Moorecroft-Caemon, Age of the Waste
mcnape-Kumobele, order of the Corrupted
Hieron_II-Anikun, Circle of the Wooden Delirium
Escapement- Ciror, Keep of the Aerie
Infamously_Unknown-Ischsunvia, Agate Court
grekhaus-Ugauum, Otherworldly Court
Unicorn_Colombo- Veroor, Kepp of Hidden Truth

Mai'tis     Waiting for 2h file
Cihutlan     2h file received
Caemon     2h file received
Kumobele     2h file received
Anikun     2h file received
Veroor     Waiting for 2h file

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