Game: Ragnorak
Turn number 20
Next turn due: 19:57 GMT on Wednesday April 26th

Kurple wanted to postpone the game by 24 hour and so I gave it to him.

15.4.2017 Kurple started looking for sub. Nurgle asked me to give extension till Monday.

Since Xibalba does not seem to be online and he stalled his last turn I will postpone our turns by 12 hours.

Agartha     2h file received
C'tis     Waiting for 2h file
Jotunheim     2h file received
Mictlan     2h file received
Nazca     2h file received
Pangaea     2h file received
T'ien Ch'i     2h file received
Ulm     2h file received
Xibalba     Waiting for 2h file

Last updated at 15:42 GMT on Wednesday April 26th
Current time: 15:42 GMT

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