Game: EarlyAdopters
Turn number 31
Next turn due: 03:17 GMT on Wednesday February 21st

NecroMage- Winter, of Nieflheim
Fubbychucker- Ballin Stalin, of Rus
Somberhue- Truffles, of Fomoria
Derpomancer- This is peak performance, of Sauromatia
Gzar- Yamada, of Yomi
KinkyElfGod- Pandam, of Helheim
Voromnis- Turkeyroaster, of Abysia

Abysia     Waiting for 2h file
Rus     Waiting for 2h file
Fomoria     2h file received
Helheim     2h file received
Niefelheim     2h file received
Sauromatia     Waiting for 2h file
Yomi     Waiting for 2h file

Last updated at 02:52 GMT on Sunday February 18th
Current time: 02:52 GMT

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