Game: Dom5RiseOfDarkness
Turn number 21
Next turn due: 18:16 GMT on Monday January 22nd

Hello! This is a Dom5 Valanis game open to anyone who'd like to join.

This match is set to the Middle Ages with Common random events and All Story events enabled. Magic sites are at maximum frequency, there are 20 slots for heroes and 9 slots for Global Enchantments.

There are 12 thrones; 9 LvL:1, 3 lvL:2 and 1 LvL:3. 18 points are needed for a throne victory, which is unfeasible for this match. The thrones are there for sites and bonuses rather than as victory conditions.

You may pick any nation. I will be picking Ermor. Diplomacy, etc. is all allowed, and roleplaying is encouraged. This game is intended for fun, RP and diplomacy in a long game. It is NOT intended to be competitive, serious or unfriendly. Please be courteous to the other players OOCly; ICly, though, anything goes.

Please join!

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