Game: Decline13
Turn number 71
Next turn due: 23:07 GMT on Thursday April 27th

Anerriphtho Kubos!


thesheeep - Oceania
Berekän - Pelagia
mondblut - Agartha
Joined on the 4th of July, The Noticer of Connections - Man
Eadee - Ulm
Zzz - Ys
sqeecoo - Mictlan
Anhur - Nazca
profreshinal - Bandar Log
KoolNoodles, The Placer of Beginnings - Pangea
Harpsichord, The First to Be Last - Vanheim
Grimwulf, The Prime Stallion - Jotunheim
Lizzurd - R'lyeh - That Which Sleeps - Subbed by Maggot
Muty - Abysia
Zephyr - Arsland Shinuyama

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Bandar Log     Waiting for 2h file
Jotunheim     Waiting for 2h file
Mictlan     Waiting for 2h file
Oceania     2h file received
Pangaea     Waiting for 2h file
Pelagia     Waiting for 2h file
Ulm     Waiting for 2h file
Ys     Waiting for 2h file

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