So far everything seems to be working well for dom5. I'm still in bug-hunting mode, so if you notice any not-quite-right behaviour, please let me know!
Game: CasualRacism
Turn number 19
Next turn due: 04:18 GMT on Friday December 15th

Map link for anyone who somehow can't do it through llama:

The making of this game helped llama fix at least one server issue maybe.

Now call each other mean names.

Abysia     Waiting for 2h file
Agartha     Waiting for 2h file
Atlantis     2h file received
Man     2h file received
Erytheia     2h file received
Lemuria     2h file received
Pangaea     2h file received
Pythium     2h file received
R'lyeh     2h file received
T'ien Ch'i     2h file received
Ulm     2h file received

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