So far everything seems to be working well for dom5. I'm still in bug-hunting mode, so if you notice any not-quite-right behaviour, please let me know!
Game: BeforeTheRapture
Turn number 55
Next turn due: 17:05 GMT on Monday December 11th

Private trade and diplomacy is not binding.
Public trade and diplomacy is binding.

For public diplomacy, use Discord:

Colombo -- Ur
Tom -- Arscoscephale
bigmcstrongmuscle -- Caelum
Elvish Gentleman -- Tir Na n'Og
Alom -- Agartha
Holiday -- Ermor
Ramza -- Pangea
Seikosha -- C'tis
Jaredus -- Tien Chi

Caelum     2h file received
Pangaea     2h file received
T'ien Ch'i     Waiting for 2h file
Ur     2h file received

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