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129 land + 17 sea.
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Standard Peliwyr 6-10 player map the game comes with

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Mods are split into two groups: general mods and nation mods. General mods are largely mods that affect the whole game, whereas nation mods specifically add new nations to the game. For each group the available mods are listed in the left hand column. Select a mod you want to include and click the "Add" button to add it to the list of selected mods on the right.

General mods
Available modsSelected mods
Version 1.41
Download link

This is the well known balance mod by quantum_mechani, which seeks to greatly increase the diversity of useful options in the game. This complete version makes many changes to pretenders, scales, summons, spells and units, and also includes Worthy Heroes 1.8.

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Nation mods

Due to JK's awesome work in patch 3.20, it's now possible to use mod nations just like other nations on the LlamaServer (once you've selected their mod, below). I highly recommend the use of nation mods. All of the ones I've included below are well-balanced, so there is no need for concern on that score, and they are all really interesting as well. My own feeling is that it would be great if they were treated just like ordinary nations, so that players would be free to select Arga Dis in just the same way as say Marignon (obviously were a player to select Arga Dis, you'd have to come back here via "Alter game settings" and enable the mod).

Available nation modsSelected nation mods
Version 1.03
Download link

Creates a nation consisting of an undead desert civilization, with an Egyptian theme. Loosely inspired by Games Workshop\'s Tomb Kings race for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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