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45 land + 15 sea.
No fixed starts.

A small map with an island continent. The history of the land may change, but the seas have been here always.

Suitable for 2-4 players or maybe 5 if at least one is an underwater nation.

Original Map Author: Jason Lutes

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Independent strength: Score graphs:
Hall of fame entries: Research:
Random starting research:
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Resources multiple: Supplies multiple:
Random event frequency: Story events:
Human AI level:
Renaming: Number of starting provinces:
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Victory conditions

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Settings for Thrones of Ascension victories (ignore if you're not using the Thrones victory condition):

Ascension points required for victory:
Number of level 1 thrones:
Number of level 2 thrones:
Number of level 3 thrones:

Team settings

At this stage you just need to choose whether or not the game will be a team (Disciples) game. Later, once all the pretenders have been submitted, you will need to set which nation will be on which team. There'll be a prominent option on the game page to do that.

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Available modsSelected mods
Version 1.3.0
Download link

1.3 is updated from 1.2 fixing some balance issues and updating for dom5.

This is a mod that adds more temporary gem generating items to the game with custom artwork. The items are quite varied by path and often have additional effects to keep them consistent with the dominions tradition of highly varied items.

The goal of the mod is to create items that give ways to reduce gem micro in single player games... and give situationally useful and balanced items in multiplayer games. \(I don\'t want them so cheap that they are ubiquitous\)

I also balanced the mod a bit, slightly lowering gem costs for items that I haven\'t seen used in 10+ multiplayer games. I would consider the mod quite balanced in MP at this point after 12 months of testing.

When you consider building them in multiplayer, consider all the costs of making these items:
- Mage turn to produce the item
- High upfront gem cost of the item compared to loading a few gems on commanders
- You may lose item on death before item pays itself off
- Item may go to an enemy player

Versus the benefits of temporary gem generating items:
- Resistant to magic phase gem burning attacks
- Better gem economy after you \'pay off\' initial investment by surviving enough battles
- Less gem micro / logistics challenges
- No need to change scripting for battles where you dont want to use gems

Forum Link:

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