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96 land + 11 sea.
No fixed starts.

The once glorious kingdom of Aran was destroyed by a magical disaster that turned the kingdom into a barren waste several hundred years ago.

Suitable for 6-10 players.

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Game settings

Era: Max players:

Independent strength: Score graphs:
Hall of fame entries: Research:
Special site frequency: Money multiple:
Resources multiple: Supplies multiple:
Random event frequency: Story events:
Renaming: Number of starting provinces:
Artifact forging limit: Master password:

Thrones of Ascension

Ascension points required for victory:
Number of level 1 thrones:
Number of level 2 thrones:
Number of level 3 thrones:

Dominions 3 style Victory Points

Dominions 3 style victory points give victory in a similar way to thrones, but don't have to be claimed (merely captured) and don't give any effects other than victory. I expect that most players would choose the newer and more interesting thrones, but this old victory point option is still available.

VPs required to win: Cumulative VPs:

VPs in capitals:

VPs scattered on map (in addition to any given in the map file):

Team settings

At this stage you just need to choose whether or not the game will be a team (Disciples) game. Later, once all the pretenders have been submitted, you will need to set which nation will be on which team. There'll be a prominent option on the game page to do that.

Is this a team game? Use clustered starts:


Mods are split into two groups: general mods and nation mods. General mods are largely mods that affect the whole game, whereas nation mods specifically add new nations to the game. For each group the available mods are listed in the left hand column. Select a mod you want to include and click the "Add" button to add it to the list of selected mods on the right.

General mods
Available modsSelected mods
Version 1.01
Download link

This mod makes many national heroes stronger and adds more heroes to the game, especially to nations that have a lack of heroes in vanilla. The list of new heroes and changes to existing heroes can be found in the mod thread at desura or dom3mods boards.

Want to use a mod not on this list? Click here to upload it (do this before setting other game settings).

Nation mods

It's possible to use mod nations just like other nations on the LlamaServer (once you've selected their mod, below). I highly recommend the use of well made nation mods. See Sombre's [MC] collection for a great curated set.

Available nation modsSelected nation mods
Download link

New try to workaround pretender acceptance by llamaserver.
Nibiru2 had the problem that assigning water nation number to a mod nation made it to start in ocean.
This version has the problem that mod nation get unique spells of the nation they replace.
I cant solve that by now

Want to use a nation mod not on this list? Click here to upload it (do this before setting other game settings).

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